About Breeder's Choice Pet Foods

Breeder's Choice Pet Foods is an industry innovator in new product development providing high quality, diet-specific foods to breeders and zoos, the company is regarded by the industry as one of the purest, premium makers of natural pet foods for dogs and cats. Although many of its products were developed for specific pet health concerns, all are intended to be used as ongoing preventative care in adding longevity to a pet’s life.

Breeder’s Choice initially made its mark among mainstream consumers when it introduced the novelty of frozen pet meals in 1947. In 1960, the line expanded to include the company’s first oven-baked kibble and biscuits, which exceeded the minimum pet food nutritional requirements in an effort to be the most nutritious products available. A bakery was eventually added to the Irwindale facility in the mid 1960’s, and today still operates, producing the company’s all-natural baked pet foods and treats around the clock.

While hard work and excellent products gave Breeder's Choice steady growth over the years, it was a chance encounter with the avocado that put the company on the map. A local co-op grower had an excess supply of avocados one season and asked the company if it would be able to use the fruit in it's dog food. It was common knowledge that avocados had been successfully used in cosmetic and beauty aides for years, however, after extensive research, the company found that certain avocado ingredients were also helpful in curing skin and coat problems with animals. The company launched its flagship success story in 1982, with its line of AvoDerm Natural dog and cat food, which quickly became the company’s and one of the industry’s best selling products. Consumer feedback called AvoDerm a “miracle” product.  Ten years later, the company expanded the line to include treats and grooming aids. 

Breeder’s Choice has since introduced four other lines, each offering the trademark premium nutritional quality while catering to a specific pet need including: Active Care, a foundation for preventative care, this line caters to canine friends who often experience, or by the nature of the breed are prone to painful or achy hips and joints; Pinnacle, an allergen-free dog and cat food product line combining a wholesome blend of holistic ingredients with superior pet nutrition; Advanced Pet Diets Select Choice, dog and cat product line formulated to offer improved digestibility and advanced health performance.